London Calling 2017

We are very excited to announce that our new short film BREATHE has been chosen to be part of this years Film London “London Calling” 2017 film slate.

Film London will fund 21 short films in total and ‘Breathe’ is one of the seven London Calling short films receiving awards via the borough film funds – Eastern Edge Film Fund (Waltham Forest & Redbridge).

This will be writer / director Louise Marie Cooke’s sixth short film and will be produced by Andrew Oldbury, Natalie Sutton and Patrick Campbell.


Breathe is a dark emotional character driven drama set over the course of one day and night in London. The central character is Isobel, a reclusive young woman who is deeply affected when she witnesses a male cyclist hit by a van. Despite her attempts to save his life, the cyclist dies in her arms.

Hours later in the dark hours of the morning she finds herself back at the scene of the accident, unable to sleep as traumatic images flood her mind. There she meets Nick, the dead cyclists brother, and the two spend the evening together in an attempt to soothe the guilt and grief each feels.

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