Fiction | Comedy Drama | 6 x 5 minute web series episodes
Catrina is a new age wannabe Wiccan more interested in instagraming her new crystals and going to voodoo yoga with her lesbian best friends than taking it seriously. That is until she manifests genuine witchcraft powers during a laborious oral sex session. Now Catrina will be forced to delve deeper into the Wiccan world in order to harness her powers, but all the while she has a feeling that her new mentor is not to be trusted.
Creators / Writers – Louise Marie Cooke & Miranda Horn
Producers – Louise Marie Cooke, Miranda Horn & Joe Morris
Co-production with Little Rottweiler Films

ISOBEL – in development
Fiction | Drama | 90 mins
After witnessing the death of a man she barely knows, an isolated women becomes obsessed with revenge.
Writer / Director / Producer – Louise Marie Cooke
Producer – Joe Morris

ROSELILY – in development and seeking producers
Fiction | Coming of Age Drama | 90 mins
A coming of age road movie with a supernatural twist. 
Writer / Director – Louise Marie Cooke

THE ADRESTIA GIRLS – in development
Fiction | Comedy Drama | 90 mins
After one of their best friends is killed by a rich client, three drag-queens form a gang to seek justice and reap fabulous havoc over anyone who stands in their way.
Writer / Director / Producer – Joe Morris
Producer – Louise Marie Cooke