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Writer,  Director & Producer // Louise Marie Cooke

Siren promo still - Elizabeth in sea
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Siren promo still - Elizabeth on beach
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Siren promo still - Elizabeth _ Sirena in street
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A story of lust and desire, of identity and sexuality. A young woman’s mundane life is turned upside down when she meets a sensuous older Spanish woman, who is passing through the sleepy English coastal town she lives in.

Siren is a sexually explicit risqué look at women living and loving in modern Britain, exploring the overlooked subject of bisexuality. It’s the story of one woman’s desire for another, the confusion it causes and the powerful effect it can have on our actions.

Duration: 23 minutes
Festival Release: October 2014
Online Release:
May 2016

Available to watch on Vimeo [below], YouTube [here]

Iris Prize Festival – October 2014, UK
Underwire Festival – November 2014, UK
Mix Brasil Festival Culture of Diversity – November 2014, UK
London Short Film Festival – January 2015, UK
Borderlines Festival – March 2015, UK
Queer Vision Bristol Pride – April 2015, UK
Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival – May 2015, Canada

Fairytales Queer Film Festival – May 2015, Canada
Eros Festival – June 2015, Portugal
Frameline: San Francisco LGBT Film Festival – June 2015, USA
Las Vegas Lift Off Film Festival – June 2015, USA
Nottingham Alternative Film Festival – September 2015, UK
Image + Nation LGBT Film Festival – November 2015, Canada
Shorts On Tap: Women in Revolt – April 2016, UK

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Frameline Laurel
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Inside Out Toronton Laurel