13 minutes

Is there more to a person than collected words and images? A very sociable person, Alice has used her many social media accounts as a visual scrapbook of her life – the highs and lows, the happiness and heartache. But what do these collected words and images really say about Alice and her real life. The documentary is made up entirely of words, images and videos collected from Alice’s various social media accounts across the period of January 2010 to March 2014.


Co-Writer / Director / Producer | Louise Marie Cooke
Co-Writer | Alice Carder

Editor | Neil Fergusson
Motion Graphics | Duane Valentino
Composer | Victoria Wijeratne
Additional Music | Audio Networks & Days of Santiago


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Festival of Social Sciences – October 2014, UK
SoCal Creative & Innovative Film Festival – July 2015, USA
Direct Short & Documentary Film Festival – July 2015, online – winner of Best Director
Visionaria – October 2015, Italy
Mini-Fest – May 2016, USA


Full Film